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Updated: Jan 24, 2023


Ewell Village in Surrey! Eco-minded locals now have the opportunity to recycle another waste material that would otherwise go straight into landfill.

We are delighted to say that Camille is setting up a collection point for anyone who would like to bring in old candles, wax melts and tealights which will be reused to make new candles.

The initiative is being run with The Recycled Candle Company; an innovative business based in Exeter which uses tried and tested processes to enable old wax to be safely reused.

Richard Hills-Ingyon, who founded the business with Sargon Latchin, explained: “I’ve been making candles since I was very young, and over the years I learnt how to reuse old wax. From being a hobby to becoming an eco-friendly business happened naturally – it’s something we’re both passionate about.

“All of our candles are individually hand-poured and each one is unique. They have a bit of a rustic vibe to them, but we have always wanted to make sure our recycled products are still luxurious.”

Old candles are donated by individuals, hotels, restaurants, and places of worship from across the UK. The recycling process includes sorting the candles and grading them for colour, scent, quality and type of wax, melting and filtering the wax, testing it, remelting and filtering again, adding bespoke fragrances and hand pouring the wax into moulds. Once the candles are set, they’re checked and batch tested before being sent out.

Any type of wax can be added to the collection, as The Recycled Candle Company uses the lowest grade in its pretty firelighters decorated with dried flowers and foliage donated as excess by a local florist. With tealights, any residue wax is extracted for reuse and the aluminium casing crushed and sent locally for recycling.

Shop owner Kim Hawley added: “We’re delighted to be stockists of the recycled candles, so anyone who brings donations in can see first-hand what will happen to their old candles.

“It’s an easy way to keep something else out of landfill and ultimately help the environment.”


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