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Camille - the love child of many years fantasising about owning my own store and a midlife crisis. Throw in the worldwide pandemic of 2020 where every single part of daily life as we knew it was conducted online: medical appointments, funerals, schooling ...everything. Shopping online became a must but, in reality, was a dry and joyless experience. Pandemic over, I felt it was finally the right time and on the 11th of December 2021 we flung open our doors of our little boutique for the very first time.

Our create a space filled with pieces that anyone would be delighted to give or receive. To break free from the run-of-the mill conglomerates that proliferated the high street and the web searches and curate a collection that was unique, creative and thoughtful. Whether it's that special mug for your first delicious coffee of the day or a gift for someone just because you saw it and thought of them. 

"Camille" is my mum's family name. Mum or Najee as we call her was born in the Seychelles, a stunning archipelago of 115 idyllic islands scattered all over the Indian Ocean: 500 miles from their closest neighbour. Thanks to this seclusion, it's beaches and rainforests are virtually untouched, Frangipani scents the air and, wherever you look, you see simple beauty.

It is that which we wanted to recreate when Camille was conceived. A beautiful, simple, welcoming space with the emphasis on eco consciousness, sustainability and fairtrade: natural home scents, handcrafted products and carefully sourced pieces all pull together to complete this "little hidden gem" in the middle of Ewell, Surrey. 


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